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We are doing our Business for 2nd generation. From the period of our Father, the business of Cotton Carpets, Jamakkalam, Hall Carpets, Fast colour Carpets, Acrylic Wollen Carpets, Artsilk Fancy Carpets, Dining Carpet, Carpets for Muslim Prayer, Bed Sheets & Cotton Sarees, etc., are being done by us as duly manufactur by us. Our Bhavani Carpets are world famous and reflecting the culture and tradition of our Country.

Bhavani gets Popularity for Carpets(Jamkhana), Bed Sheets(Chadder), & Woollen Blankets. These materials are being sold by us throughout INDIA through our Agents in excellent quality. For over 50 years, we are doing this kind of business of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharastra, Kerala, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and all other states of INDIA.

Our Carpets are called as Jamakkalam in Tamil Language, in Kannada it is called as Jamkhana, in Telugu language it is called as jamakhanalu and In Hindi it is called as Durry.

Carpet & Woollen Carpets are utilized for house purpose and we send these goods in any sizes for the purposes of Kalyana Mandapams, Samiyana Suppliers, Community Halls, Davasthanams,Gramapanchayat, Municipalities, Schools & Colleges, Lodges, Hotels, Govt.Offices, Agricuturists, Business People, Jewellery Shops, Individual House parties and moreover for prayer Halls(Masjid). The Goods of our Hall Carpets are being produced in big sizes in cotton & wollen varieties. Besides the goods of Artsilk Carpets are being produced with the designs of Peacock, Lotus, Parrots with Flower design in manya attractive colours.

Also we can produce & supply goods of cotton, silk and woolen Bedsheets, Bedspreads with Pillow Covers in many designs & colours with lot of varieties. Moreover, the goods of woolen blankets and shawls are being produced & supplied by us in many designs & colours.

Besides, the goods of cotton sarees maybe produced & supplied by us in many colours and designs with good borders. The Lungies of 1st quality can be supplied by us in good colours. we have our pwn Looms and , in our factory , we produce Carpets, in well manner. Our Carpets, are being produced by using 2/10s-Warp 10s and 6s Waft. We produce the Carpets both in Fast and semi-fast colour and our Carpets are fully produced manually and we have skilled weavers omly, for the production of carpets. Our Carpets are trust-worthy, durable and long lasting.

We are producing our Jamakkalams, Carpets, Durries, Bed Carpets, are available in standard sizes such as in 34” x72”, 40” x78”, 46”x84” and 60”x90” sizes(these are standard sizes)as to be used for Cots in Beds. Our goods are to be used for any season (Rainy, Summer, Winter Seasons, etc..,)

Hall Carpets:
From the breadth of size 6’ feets to 15’ feets breadth, Hall Carpets can be produced and in lengthwise, upto 25’ feets the Hall Carpets are prepared. And these Carpets are produced manually. The Hall Carpets are used for Kalyana Mandapam, Community Halls, Devasthanams, Temples, Samiyana Suppliers, Grampanchayats, Schools, Colleges etc.,

Besides the above, we produce Tent Carpets.

Zanimaz: (Muslim prayer Carpet)
This goods are produced from the width of 4’ feets in breadthwise and in lengthwise, the goods are produced upto 40’ feets.

Dining Carpets:
From the width of 1 ½’ feet and upto 30’ feets in lengthwise, this matrial can be produced by us.

For Marketing our goods such as Carpets, Jamakanas, Jamakhanalu, Bed Sheets, Cotton Sarees, etc., we need COMMISSION AGENTS whch we welcome., for all over indias, On commission basis. When any one person works as our company agent, he can will earn thousands of rupees per month permanently.

Agents Wanted
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